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project.moments, Moments, 2008

Vasso Gavaisse (1973-)

Metallic paper, Plexiglas, 275x184x11 cm.

The work MOMENTS, in the main entrance, was specially designed for the Athenaeum InterContinental as part of an overall commission to decorate the Hotel’s 480 rooms. It represents the “mother” of project.moments – and was used to generate (by photojournalistic digital manipulation) 12 different images (HOURS) which are displayed together in the Lobby and were reproduced in forty copies each to decorate the rooms.

Untitled Red

Nikos Alexiou

Paper, linen twine, cane

A triptych by Nikos Alexiou is located at the lobby. This particular "canvas" has been persistently created using delicate pieces of paper that form plain ripples.

The Birth of Venus,1980

Marina Karella (1940 - )

Polyester, marble powder, 900x350 cm

This work was specially commissioned for the Athenaeum InterContinental’s Café Vienna. Inspired by the well-known painting by Sandro Botticelli, it renders the subject in monochrome white with the body of the emerging Aphrodite gleaming in reflected light like an ode to classical antiquity.

Electromagnetic sphere,1979

TAKIS (1925 - )

Fiberglas, gold, bronze, electromagnet, 250 cm diameter

From the early 1960s, the sculptor TAKIS has created magnetic sculptures which move using either electricity or magnetism. He employs as raw materials for these works a variety of elements and forces: electromagnetic energy, gravitational pull, magnetism, sound and light. The hovering golden sphere which dominates the central atrium of the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens irresistibly – magnetically – draws the attention of visitors while simultaneously reflecting a transcendent world.