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It is quite well known that Sting has had an illustrious career in music beginning with the formation of the band, “Police”. From here Sting went on to individually receive 10 Grammy Awards, 2 Brit Awards, a Golden Globe, an Emmy and 4 Oscar nominations! Sting is not only a singer, songwriter, and composer, he is also an author, actor, and perhaps foremost - an activist who has been continually recognized for his efforts.

The Englishman – Musical Guru & Activist

Gordon Matthew Sumner was born in England in 1951; he first became famous by his stage name Sting when he formed the band, “Police” with Copeland and Summers. Their song “Every Breath You Take” received 6 Grammy Awards and made them famous around the globe. Since then, as a solo artist and with the “Police”, he has sold over 100 million records. Together with his wife, Sting founded the Rainforest Foundation Fund for the protection of rainforests around the world. Through this charity, he has managed not only to raise awareness, but also donations in the range of 20 million dollars.

In Athens For Two Concerts

Sting will visit Greece together with his long time musical companion, internationally known Jamaican musician, Shaggy. His visit is part of his second Europe and North America tour, in support of the release of his latest studio albums, 57th and 9th, which were released in November of 2016. His first tour, with 115 concerts in America, Asia, South America and Europe was described as “a truly unique experience”. It’s this unique experience that audiences will enjoy at the iconic venue of Odeon Herodes Atticus on June 22nd and 23rd.

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One of Italy’s most famous operas - Nabucco by Verdi - is on for four performances at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. The lead role is played by internationally known Greek baritone Dimitri Platanias, and directed by rising Italian Opera Director, Leo Muscato.

The Opera

The opera "Nabucco" is considered to have established Verdi’s reputation as the best 19th century Italian composer and a national symbol of Italy. Τhe musical dynamism perfectly matches the dialogues of strong political character and Verdi managed to bring together the voice of the Italians who wanted to see their country free from its Austrian rulers and united. The opera became well-known for its choir of Jewish slaves, and its songs serve as a sort of second national anthem for the Italians, as it expresses the collective feeling opposing any conqueror.

The Cast

Leo Muscato’s directorial concept is to approach the tragedy of the Jewish people with references to the Holocaust, as well as to more contemporary concentration camps. The story unfolds with the appropriate dramatic tone, however the main goal is to highlight the issues and facts and give less attention to the time and place of the events.  The title role of Nabucco, King of Babylonians, is portrayed by renowned Greek baritone Dimitris Platanias, who has garnered praise for his performances as Nabucco at prestigious venues around the world, including Covent Garden, the Bavaria State Opera, and the Florence Opera to name a few. The role of Abigaille, the new Queen of Babylonians, is played by distinguished soprano Sae-Kyung Rim who received acclaim for her performance as Madama Butterfly last summer.

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Hundreds of fans will welcome one the world’s most romantic singers of modern French music; Lara Fabian, who is of Canadian origin, will be in Athens for 2 concerts as part of her promotional tour for her 13th album, the English-language ‘Camouflage’.

May 19 & 20 At Faliro Olympic Indoor Hall (Tae Kwon Do Center)

Only one concert was originally scheduled in Athens for Saturday May 19, but since tickets sold out within the first week of sales, a second concert was added so that more of Lara’s fans could enjoy her theatrical performance, and sing along to her renowned songs: Je suis malade, Je t'aime, La difference, Tu es mon autre, Tout, Adagio, and of course I Will Love Again.

#1 Most Representative Modern French Music Performer

Lara Fabian has sold more than 30 million of her 13 albums worldwide. She sings multi-lingual songs with a voice that extends 3 octaves with such ease; while her stage presence is always moving, exciting and enthralling. Lara Fabian, who sings in seven foreign languages - English, French, Flemish, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian - has received countless distinctions, her millions of fans from around the world being her biggest recognition.

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The archaeological wealth at Eleusis, the Archaeological Museum of Eleusis and the Eleusinian Mysteries, may be well heard of, but for most non-experts they still remain quite a ‘mystery’. The ongoing archaeological study in the area of Eleusis has unearthed many important artifacts which have shed light on the Eleusinian Mysteries and the cult of Demeter and her daughter Persephone; this cult was active in antiquity until 396 A.D when the Roman Emperor Theodosius I closed the sanctuaries by decree.

Presentations & Guided Tours

Visitors can explore the exhibition gallery which has been transformed to represent the Eleusinian Telesterion including a small-scale version of the dark Anaktoron. Visitors can watch a video presentation of aerial photographs that map out the ‘Sacred Way’ from central Athens all the way to the city of Eleusis. Representations and models of the archaeological site of Eleusis and many emblematic exhibits are also on display for the public. Presentations in Greek take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m., and in English every Sunday at 11 a.m. The duration is 45 minutes.

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