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One of the most internationally popular cuisines – Mexican – is widely loved for its rich flavours, its colorful dishes, the balance and variety of its spices and for one of its fundamental ingredients: corn. Bistrot Vienna showcases Mexican cuisine for the entire month of October with dozens of dishes featuring: fresh burritos, tortillas and fajitas filled with traditional beans, meats and salads, which balance the hot tastes and cool the palate.

TEX-MEX. Mexican flavors à la Bistrot Vienna

Cilantro (coriander) and chili powder are two of the most basic spices in Mexican cuisine, and with these two evocative flavours the chefs at Bistrot Vienna “dress” their famous Mexican salads. And then we have the tacos, burritos and fajitas filled with meat (chicken or pork filet), beans and the famous guacamole – the avocado sauce which cools the mouth and stimulates our health. And for dessert, pudding with cinnamon and vanilla, two other ingredients beloved by the native inhabitants of Mexico, cherished and embellished over time.

At Bistrot Vienna every month a new cuisine takes center stage

In the sublimely relaxing atmosphere of Bistrot Vienna, each month features a new internationally distinguished cuisine – prepared and presented in its finest versions by our own renowned chefs for your tasting delight. Join us, month by month, for a delicious and exciting tasting tour of the world’s greatest cuisines.