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For the entire month of November, Bistrot Vienna will be offering a variety of delicious dishes featuring native produce bearing the European designations PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). These special products have carried the Greek flag to restaurants and dinner tables around the world and have made Greek produce synonymous with taste and quality.

Authentic, guaranteed and protected Greek produce

We welcome you with PDO olives featuring a variety of colours, sizes, textures and acidity from various regions and islands of Greece, among them the world-renowned olives from Kalamata and Amphissa, the celebrated “throubes” of Thasos and the great green olives of Halkidiki. Alongside these treats… what other than the last word in Greek cheese: Feta, served pané with crushed pistachios (also PDO) from the island of Aegina. Further specialties include fig jam from Kimi, sweet as honey – and honey itself, rich and naturally nourishing from the wildflowers and herbs of Mt. Mainalos. The appetizer menu is rounded off by the famous fava (chickpea purée) from Santorini with olives and Cretan rusks and with a special Greek salad made using uniquely tasty potatoes from Naxos, exceptional ladotiri (cheese preserved in olive oil) from Mytilini and vinaigrette dressing featuring tangerines from Chios.

Unique places, rich earth, incredible produce

Every place has its specialty known to gourmet aficionados. And every product has its place: beautiful, fertile and with climate and soil perfectly suited for the cultivation of products exceptionally high in nutritional value and distinctive flavour. From the fields and green slopes of Elassona the lamb selected by our chefs is prepared lemonato, accompanied by a purée of giant beans grown alongside beautiful Lake Prespes in the north, and roasted eggplant from Leonidio in the south. For dessert we present apples from Zagori on Mt. Pelion, crunchy and aromatic, sprinkled with Corinthian raisins and honey from Mt. Mainalos – alongside a mousse of sweet and fluffy anthotiro (whey cheese made from sheep's and goat's milk). A feast of flavours à la Grèque – at Bistrot Vienna for the entire month of November!