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Hot and cold buffets, salads, soups, a choice of various traditional breads, including lagana flat bread, and a great number of irresistible sweets will constitute the selections on the admittedly challenging menu for the first day of Lent.

At Cafezoe, Clean Monday is set to impress

At Cafezoe, the award-winning restaurant on the ground floor of the Athenaeum InterContinental, Clean Monday and its related gastronomic traditions are a source of inspiration for our chefs de cuisine as they create their irresistible concoctions.
Marinated seafood, either alone or with a sauce, light and refreshing salads enhanced with a selection of seafood of the day, traditional Greek fish stew and Spanish paella, plenty of olive oil, fragrant lemon juice and imaginative dishes to satisfy every palate. For the finish, the impossible variety of sweets is matched by the impossibility of resisting them: Halva in all of its variations, sesame nougat, fritters, and almond and walnut sweets are just a few of the temptations of the day.

At Café Vienna, Cafezoe, Bistrot Vienna and naturally in the room

The Athenaeum InterContinental has created special selections for all those fasting during the Lenten period which are true to tradition but lack nothing in flavour. Grilled courgettes with herbs and balsamic syrup, humus, lettuce and olives on a dark baguette roll, shrimp with fish roe salad, rocket leaves and scallions a white baguette roll, green salad with sun-dried tomato, sunflower seeds and a vinaigrette dressing, carrot-ginger soup, cherry tomatoes with scallions and barley rusks, shrimp risotto and pasta with vegetables and tomato, along with halva, make up the complete, nutritional Lenten dishes for all tastes.

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