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It’s once again time to set up the family tables at the restaurant of the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel of Athens. Here we know how to make the Sunday meal a truly special occasion, full of wonderful memories, with a buffet of fantastic flavours for all tastes and ages, and with live music to entertain and complete the sensory experience. And don’t forget our exceptional group of specially trained staff who promise to keep your little ones happy and absorbed in interesting play activities.

A performance from the Shadow Puppet Theatre for the 28th of October

On the October 28 national holiday, Cafezoe offers its younger visitors a performance by Kidarte and the Shadow Theatre of “Karagiozis and the “No” of ‘40”. The purpose of this performance is to acquaint children with the history of the famous “No” declared by the Greek people to the Italian invaders in 1940 – leading to enlistment and Karagiozis, Barbagiorgos, Stavrakas and the rest of their friends all dressed in khaki. A captivating performance that entertains and educates at the same time. On the same day, the buffet at Cafezoe, loaded with traditional dishes and treats, will bring back happy memories of family dinners long ago and will add new tastes and experiences to that rich tradition.
So, starting in October, our Sundays and holidays have a common meeting place: Cafezoe!


One of the most internationally popular cuisines – Mexican – is widely loved for its rich flavours, its colorful dishes, the balance and variety of its spices and for one of its fundamental ingredients: corn. Bistrot Vienna showcases Mexican cuisine for the entire month of October with dozens of dishes featuring: fresh burritos, tortillas and fajitas filled with traditional beans, meats and salads, which balance the hot tastes and cool the palate.

TEX-MEX. Mexican flavors à la Bistrot Vienna

Cilantro (coriander) and chili powder are two of the most basic spices in Mexican cuisine, and with these two evocative flavours the chefs at Bistrot Vienna “dress” their famous Mexican salads. And then we have the tacos, burritos and fajitas filled with meat (chicken or pork filet), beans and the famous guacamole – the avocado sauce which cools the mouth and stimulates our health. And for dessert, pudding with cinnamon and vanilla, two other ingredients beloved by the native inhabitants of Mexico, cherished and embellished over time.

At Bistrot Vienna every month a new cuisine takes center stage

In the sublimely relaxing atmosphere of Bistrot Vienna, each month features a new internationally distinguished cuisine – prepared and presented in its finest versions by our own renowned chefs for your tasting delight. Join us, month by month, for a delicious and exciting tasting tour of the world’s greatest cuisines.


For many of us, September marks the beginning of a new year. New beginnings for young and old, new plans for the winter ahead which challenges us to redouble our efforts and creativity. And what better way to rise to this challenge than to ascend to the famous Première restaurant on the rooftop of the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel in Athens and there to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a September night – letting your thoughts soar among the glittering stars of the Attic sky.

Extraordinary food on our table – and a matchless view before us

Dishes by our renowned chef Michael Nourloglou, served with professional skill and discretion, are set to the best view in Athens (among the finest in the world) – the gleaming Parthenon perched atop the imposing rock of the Acropolis. And spread out below us – the city of Athens, her lights playfully glittering in the night, striving to compete with the magic of the starry heavens above.

Stay connected with the Première and all the pleasant surprises it holds

The restaurant which always surprises us with its imaginative menu now prepares to complete its summer season with the finest wine list in town, its always unique signature cocktails, its award-winning menu and a host of new ideas for remarkable evenings that lift our spirits and stimulate our senses. Stay tuned!


Our days, still sunny, are noticeably cooler, and our evenings unfold in a star-filled, dreamy fashion. September is the “sweetest” month of the year, with the lingering feel of summer still in the air. There’s no sense of urgency for the upcoming winter, but the refreshing cool of Autumn whets our appetite for more bracing tastes in preparation for the demanding days ahead.

The chefs of Bistrot Vienna have used the finest ingredients to prepare the best meat in America!

In Athens’ most attractive Bistrot, the menu features US Black Angus beef, renowned for its superb quality and flavor. Filet and rib eye steaks, veal cutlets – prepared according to your preferences – accompanied by a variety of delicious side dishes: Portobello mushrooms, onion rings, baked potatoes, asparagus, baby corn, carrot purée – and creamy, mouth-watering horseradish, mustard and green-pepper sauces…

And for a final touch… an unbeatable dessert

Surrender to the enjoyment of the different flavours and dishes prepared for you by the chefs at Bistrot Vienna – and to the pleasures of September which the splendid weather of Attica offers its lucky visitors. And to top it all off: chocolate, vanilla and orange appear in delicious combination – hot chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream and orange compôte – a dessert that is impossible to resist.