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When the thermometer hits red in Athens, one of Europe’s hottest capital cities, POOLZOE is the place to spend a lazy and relaxing day by our cool and lively outdoor pool with its unbeatable restaurant. Here summer reveals its true glory as the most wonderful season of the year – with refreshing dips in the sparkling clear waters of the pool accompanied by delicious delicacies from the restaurant.

A menu of light and tasty choices

Swim as long and as often as you like; enjoy the relaxing benefits of the sun (with sunscreen protection, of course), and recharge your batteries with the tasty choices from the POOLZOE restaurant’s summer menu of light cuisine. A selection of fresh salads with cheese, chicken or salmon – and such satisfying snacks as club sandwiches, pizza, omelettes or burgers – are all summer favourites of our guests and local fans. And for dessert, you have a choice of: fruit, cheeses, traditional sweets, ice-cream or popsicles. Whatever you order, POOLZOE’s menu of tasty choices will surely delight your body and soul.

Drinks with or without alcohol – for a holistic experience of summer delight

Cool soft drinks, fresh juices, cold coffees, Smoothies, teas and chocolates in their chilled versions – there is a wide selection of delicious non-alcoholic beverages to keep you cool and refreshed. But because this is the land of Dionysus, POOLZOE also offers a rich menu of carefully selected wines, champagnes and a variety of cold beers, Greek and imported – so that everyone will find something to suit their taste and enliven their experience of a sunny summer day in Athens.


Flour and water, with or without egg: this is how basic the ingredients are for real pasta, the history of which is so old that its outlines are lost in time. The ancestry of pasta is a subject of dispute among many different cultures, with the Italians, Arabs, Chinese and Greeks all claiming paternity. However, the country of pasta – par excellence – is, without a doubt, Italy. Here was found the first recorded pasta recipe, and it was Italy that first began the commercial trade and promotion of pasta, beginning in the 18th Century.

Mouth-watering pastas from Greek and Italian cuisine

At Bistrot Vienna the popularity and possibilities of pasta inspired our chefs to create a variety of traditional pasta dishes using the finest pasta and freshest ingredients. Our lasagna with meat sauce and parmesan cheese is the real, authentic recipe everyone associates with this classic dish. Cannelloni filled with spinach, leak and ricotta cheese is a truly satisfying and delicious vegetarian selection, while the famous skioufichta (handmade Cretan pasta dish) with smoked pork and Cretan gruyère cheese is a richly flavourful choice.
Pappardelle pasta with fresh basil pesto, prosciutto and parmesan reggiano makes for a gloriously Italian meal.

And pasta for dessert!

Strawberry linguini flavoured with mint and served with frozen yoghurt – this cool and tasty dessert brings a new dimension to the pasta experience with its surprising originality and deliciousness. Dare to give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed!


With numerous awards and distinctions and located in a gorgeously designed open space high atop the hotel, Première gazes out over the Parthenon and offers world-class service and truly memorable cuisine. Dining at Première under the summer stars is one of Athens’ greatest pleasures.

Our menu – a rare and lustrous gastronomic diamond

Première’s chef has at his disposal the finest and freshest ingredients from every corner of the earth and sea – to imagine, compose, improvise and orchestrate dishes for every midsummer night dream! With summer spirit, vast knowledge and impressive experience, our chefs have crafted a menu combining fois gras with watermelon and chicory, octopus with cream and mango, scallops with mayonnaise oysters and cherry plums, eel with fruits and berries just to whet our appetite. And when we move on to the main course, lobster, grouper, veal and lamb all compete with each other in wonderful combinations with vegetarian dishes adding depth and variety to the bounty at hand.

One dessert – a thousand flavors

The desserts at Première are truly an experience. Famous among chocolate lovers are the “cylinder” and the “image of Santorini”, while those who prefer to end their meal with a slightly sour taste choose “the cube”. Finally, fruit lovers rave over Première’s “summertime surprise”. But whatever you choose, it is certain that the memory of your dessert will linger for many nights to come.


The word “meze” (appetizer) is inextricably intertwined with the concept, history and practice of Greek cuisine, and the list of traditional Greeks mezes is long and interesting. Mezes are modest in quantity and volume; they go well with other mezes, and, although they might not appear so at first glance, they can be a filling meal in themselves and are always delicious.

Mezes at Bistrot Vienna

All during the month of July, authentic Greek mezes will enrich the menu at Bistrot Vienna – bringing with them the tantalizing aromas of sea and summer. Greek dishes that we are accustomed to regarding as appetizers here become main courses, satisfying our hunger while stimulating our senses and imagination. Marinated octopus and anchovies, stuffed calamari, grilled aromatic talagani sheep’s-milk cheese, vegetables and spetsofai (spicy Greek sausage with peppers and tomato sauce) – become the main protagonists of dishes that also include honey, rice and aromatic herbs.

And for dessert, yet another meze

Flaky pie crust rolled around a healthy dollop of mouth-watering (and quintessentially Greek) kaimaki ice-cream – was chosen by our chefs as a grand finale for all those who appreciate (and cannot resist) a good meze.