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Inspired by the rich gastronomic traditions of Thailand, Bistrot Vienna has created a mouth-watering menu dedicated to Thai cuisine. Throughout the entire month of April, you can explore Thai tastes and combinations prepared by the restaurant’s chefs – featuring: rice, tapioca, rice noodles, exotic mango and Chinese cabbage – all cooked and seasoned to go perfectly with chicken, shrimp, beef and cod and to bring out their most delicious essence.

The flavors of Thailand

Thai cuisine, heavily influenced by traditional Chinese gastronomy, is characterized by the way in which dishes are cooked – usually steamed or stir-fried in in a wok – and by the rich variety of ingredients, featuring: rice, sugarcane, tapioca, soya and sesame, which is one of their chief exports.

And for dessert…

After your meal, you can enjoy a sweet tapioca pudding with fresh coconut milk, mango and pineapple. And this tasty journey for your senses will last all of April in the splendid atmosphere of Bistrot Vienna.

Celebrate Easter with us!

The Athenaeum InterContinental Athens celebrates Easter according to all the customs and dictates of tradition in the Hotel’s most warm and welcoming space – the renowned Cafezoe.

Holy Saturday

Either before or just after midnight, come break your fast with us by cracking red eggs together and sampling the traditional mayeritsa soup – followed by an abundance of delicious treats from the restaurant’s rich buffet. Come raise a glass of wine or beer and hail family and friends with the Easter greeting: “Christ is risen! True is the Lord!” and all together wish for a rebirth of hope, love and joy.

Easter Sunday

The table is set and ready, as befits any Sunday, but on this particular Sunday, the most important in the Orthodox faith, red-dyed eggs and sweet tsoureki bread command the center of the table, and the atmosphere is filled with the wonderful smell of roast lamb and other appetizers and side dishes. Joyful traditional music adds to the festive mood, which was already lifted by the restaurant’s warm welcome and complimentary glass of ouzo. And while our own spirits soar, our children can enjoy their own moments of carefree fun with the experienced educators and entertainers of Kidarte.

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Cafezoe: Tradition has never been tastier!

Fasting during the forty days of Lent can officially be broken on only two days, and only for fish, on the 25th of March (Annunciation) and on Palm Sunday. On the day of the Annunciation, seafood surrenders its place to the traditional dish for this day - codfish accompanied by garlic purée.

On the day of the Annunciation, Cafezoe invites us all to a delicious celebration

At Cafezoe, we have drawn inspiration from tradition and have created a menu rich in flavors for every taste. As an opening course, traditional salads such as the famous fish-roe salad (taramosalata), pureed fava beans and eggplant salad – as well as “Athenian” salad with fish, beets and octopus salad all whet our appetite for the hot dishes which follow: fish and seafood, codfish and garlic purée, calamari with lemon, squid in wine sauce as well as dishes for those who aren’t fasting over Lent – roast chicken with hilopites (diced egg noodles) and veal with wine and vegetables. And the sweet finale includes the obligatory semolina halva, baklava, walnut cake, Greek doughnuts and numerous other selections that you will probably find hard to resist.

Keeping the celebration happy and festive with Kidarte

Happy children = happy parents. For Cafezoe’s younger guests, taste treats come with fun and games. Kidarte’s professionals specialize in providing creative entertainment for children that capture and keep their interest for the whole time our guests are celebrating here with us.


In the lobby of the Athenaeum InterContinental of Athens, at the Café Vienna and Bistrot Vienna high aesthetics blend with superb cuisine and the melodic accompaniment of live music – accentuated by Athens’ most delicious desserts.

At Café Vienna, each day reveals new musical journeys and sweet surprises

Just before you head home at the end of the day, or during a break at work, for a private rendezvous or a professional meeting, Café Vienna is the ideal spot – with a tempting array of mouth-watering desserts to accompany a hot or cold drink. Every afternoon, the discreet and relaxing sounds of a piano evoke the feelings of wellbeing and comfort, which are present throughout the hotel. And on Saturday afternoons, a piano, cello and violin provide an even greater range of musical enjoyment.

At Bistrot Vienna, March is juicy and delicious!

In March, our international menu features burgers: Italian, Greek, New York style, American premium and even… sweet! The burgers served at Bistrot Vienna are fragrant, juicy, incredible and unbeatable. You have lots of time to sample all the different kinds of burgers and to decide which one (or ones) best suit your taste. For an entire month, our kitchen’s main protagonist will be burgers made from: veal, lamb, chicken and American Black Angus beef – all accompanied by potatoes, mushrooms and onions cooked in various ways, all of them delicious. And to cap it off, our chef presents the Fuanaja Burger in a chocolate nest with strawberries. And all the while, live music plays gently in the background.

At the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens, March takes on an air of creativity.