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The award-winning Première is effortlessly impressive. The subtle elegance of its interior décor and its signature aesthetic, the breathtaking view of the Parthenon and its state-of-the-art service all create the ideal conditions for enjoying the object of your culinary pilgrimage: Première’s famous menu!

Under the direction of Chef Michalis Nourloglou

Première’s new menu combines innovation, freshness, the element of surprise and haute cuisine, all built upon a foundation of authentic Mediterranean flavors and ingredients – masterfully orchestrated by the restaurant’s talented new Chef Michalis Nourloglou. The menu comprising his creations and recommendations is sure to satisfy all your expectations. His dishes feature fresh seasonal produce in perfect balance and harmony. Each of his recommended specials, from appetizers to dessert, embody a pairing of knowledge and experience, inspiration and balance, patience and passion. Premiere’s menu, like its creator, has one goal in mind – to take you on a culinary journey you will not forget.


In the heart of winter, human hearts draw closer together and celebrate this closeness. On February 14, even if logic tells you otherwise, your heart tells you to seek out something different and special - an evening out with your loved ones. With this in mind, visit…

The Café Vienna, at the lobby of the hotel, for something sweet and unbeatable. Try the champagne mousse with strawberries, cookies with namelaka chocolate or cupcakes with caramel tofu and Guanaja mousse. And probably the only thing that will be able to take your mind off this cavalcade of incredible desserts is the sweet sound of live piano, violin and cello playing just for you in this fabulous space. To enjoy a full-fledged meal, you should proceed to the Bistrot Vienna. Here the live music and award-winning décor provide the perfect setting for a sumptuous meal starting with a velvety soup, followed by wonderful salads (for two, of course), perfectly grilled steaks and then chocolate with pomegranate and berry marmalade – to add a bit of passion as an epilogue to your feast.

10th floor of the hotel; the gleaming Parthenon and the sparkling city below greet you as you enter the simple and harmonious elegance of the Première and are welcomed by the meticulously trained and friendly staff – who will help you enjoy the finest dining experience in Athens. The menu whets your appetite with a tempting taste, an “amuse bouche”, and then moves on to the soup course before offering you a choice between the amazing roast mussels and clams, the mouth-watering salmon filet, or the veal steak with potato purée. To top it all off, a dessert that you will forever remember: crème made from lychee nuts and raspberries with rose-petal macaroons – while in the background a live vocal duet brings music to this most romantic evening.

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Première is the best restaurant in the city – and now has the best wine cellar too

Première has won many accolades and awards for its sophisticated dishes, its world-class service, its unique décor and its breathtaking view. Our new chef, Michalis Nourloglou, masterfully combines our traditional Mediterranean flavors with the techniques of haute cuisine – using the freshest seasonal produce. This ideal dining experience is topped off by Première’s newly expanded wine cellar, a diamond in its already sparkling crown.

A great wine cellar requires dedicated work and constant searching

The reputation and success of Première has attracted the notice of the best wine makers in the world – and has led them to entrust us with their finest wines to accompany our kitchen’s unique creations. Our wine collection has grown enormously in both breadth and depth: with new reds, whites and trendy rosés, so now our diners can choose rare vintages for every taste. Connoisseurs and those looking to explore fine wines from all over the world (and all over Greece, of course) have a new point of reference in Athens – and a delicious challenge.


Bistrot Vienna, at the heart of the hotel, draws us with its warmth around a well-laid table featuring slow-cooked hot dishes and fiery meals, ideal for the cold days and nights of winter. The restaurant, highly recognized for its décor, has won loyal followers looking for a variety of tastes and professional service in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

A menu that radiates warmth

The kitchen at Bistrot Vienna selects seasonal Greek produce, pairing fresh vegetables with the finest domestic meats – a must for cold weather – grilled and roasted with consummate skill. Enriching the regular menu with special dishes meant to warm the body and please the palate, Bistrot Vienna aims to create a sense of winter well-being: fricassee of black pork with fennel root, cannelloni with tender cheeks of veal and winter mushrooms Bolognese, slowly cooked chick-peas with spicy sausage and smoked paprika. For the final course: hot chocolate pie with plums, and to complement the meal, a fine wine of your choice – with our experienced wine steward to help you with your decision.