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According to Greek mythology, the eternally young Dionysos (always merry, indolent, clever and more beloved than almost any other god of antiquity) had entrusted the cultivation of his favorite vineyard to the residents of Attica. From ancient times until the present, Attica has been renowned for its vineyards, especially the Mesogeia region, just northeast of the capital, which todays boasts more grapevines than anywhere else in Greece and is home to 26 different vineyards, many of them distinguished for their quality, craft and production.

Blessed by a favorable microclimate

Attica has an exceptional climate with mild winters and a tremendous amount of sunlight, while the surrounding sea further adds to these ideal growing conditions. The vine-growing zones in Attica are relatively small and belong to traditional wine-producing families, who ply their craft with passion and pride, from harvest to bottle.

Touring the vineyards

You can easily pass an entire day among the vineyards of Attica, following all the seasonal rituals – from harvesting and pressing the grapes to bottling the new wine. Moreover, at many of the vineyards they also give lessons in wine tasting and gastronomy, while special seminars are often offered as well. Visit the website of the Region of Attica; follow Attica’s wine routes, and find the vineyards which most appeal to your taste and curiosity